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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Synchronicity I

So I have been trying to get back into a 40K mind set. After all a new edition of the game has dropped and all should be well in the world. But as always my attention has been so scattered that I have not been able to settle on one project or another. So instead I committed to completing a project that had been a long time in process.

I had purchased and painted a couple of FW Khornate daemons and a Renegade Ogryn model for a couple of close friends. As with all paint jobs I'm not 100% pleased with the end result but they turned out well in all.The clear coat I used (GW semi gloss) was too glossy and kind of  killed some of the red effects that I had painted on the two Khornate daemons. I may try hitting them with a dull coat just to try to take the shiny-ness down a notch. The Ogryn and his friend came out essentially as I wanted. They both look grimy and greasy and there is a dullness to the palate that is slightly shocked by the red I used on the models. All of these models will soon be packaged for a trip to their new owners in Windsor. Then I have to commit to a new army before I have to commit to a pre-heresy army....why do I feel burned out again?

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