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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Warhound Titan (Legio Gryphonicus): Carapace greys and Head (exterior) Done

I tried a few different ways of doing the mottled pattern as per the original GW art, but the tests I tried just did not produce the exact effect and would have ruined the model, at least the way I had done them. I did dry brush a lighter tone on the carapace and left it a bit rougher than the earlier coats. So a little mottled maybe? Yeah I wussed out. Don't judge me.

I also did work on the Warhound's head. I dulled the yellow down but have yet to really finish the highlighting on those portions. Instead I focused on the metallics and the blue areas and have finished and sealed those. I also put  abase coat on the Princeps, going for a quartered grey/yellow pattern with blue boots and highlights. The Moderati will have a halved pattern and any servitors will be in Mechanicus red.

I intend to get back to the model today at some point.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Warhound Titan (Legio Gryphonicus) Carapace Base Tones: The Grey

So I have rather meekly started painting the Warhound again. In truth I am planning on devoting some time to getting significant progress done this weekend.

The grey mottled carapace that was the original colour scheme is currently proving to be a bit daunting. I am pleased with the grey tones as they are now. They are effectively dry brushed in various shades and the roughness of the transitions gives at least some of the impression of that mottled scheme. However doing the full mottled scheme involves doing considerable work over that base and could ruin the work I have done.

I know it is a wussy excuse as I have already proven I can do this and could probably do it again and probably better. Also the actual scheme is also a much lighter tone than what I have done and so I will still probably work this to a much lighter scheme although I am sticking with the grey palette that I have been using.

Still I am progressing on to the metallics as I screw up what I laughably call my courage ( or rather my dedication to perfection...that sounds a lot better).

Monday, 1 February 2016

Launch Bay: Launch cradle and little details

I am concluding work on the central structure. It is done because I am. Seriously though it is starting to become a make work project. There is a lot I would still like to do but it will add a lot of work while either adding nothing at all to the functionality of the board or will interfere with it's play-ability. I added a few heftier resin pieces to the far end of the building to balance out the extended platforms some more and started adding light pieces (also cast in resin) just to add detail to some of the walkways. In all I am mostly ready to prime this beast but or rather frigid temperatures will not allow this for roughly a couple of months.

The weekend was rather busy so I did not have enough time to do any serious work on the board. I did get started detailing one of the launch cradles (and now the only launch cradle). It is mainly made of sprue with some plastic and metal tubing. I have started adding pieces of card to fill in some spaces and to provide anchor points for detail pieces. I then started adding parts that I had cast to add some techy details to it, including a pair of engines from a Caestus Assault Ram model.

The last bit to do on the whole table is to add tubing and piping to the teleporter board section. I am hoping to make the lowered portions a bit busier to make it look like the machinery have been exposed by removing panels from the floor. Then again I may just say screw it and get back to painting the warhound. Filum Sector is sitting on the shelf staring forlornly at me after I made a strong start on it. Soon baby, soon...