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Saturday, 28 January 2012

And now the dreadnought...

Well in truth it is a contemptor but it will be fielded as a standard dread with a multi-melta (in the mail) and a heavy flamer deploying by drop pod. This was a good excuse to get this model done and it's archaic design suits the vision I have of Redmaw's company. The dread's head was replaced by an interesting piece I have. A long time ago I carved out the wolfs head shoulder pad of Ragnar Blackmane and used it on a different model (a rune priest to be precise). Well since dabbling in casting I have rescued that shoulder pad and made a mold of it from which several casts were made. Now originally I had intended to use a cast of the space wolf wolfs head helmet from the current plastic box (and yes that is too many "wolf" in the same apologies). But the helmet was too small for the body despite having a distinctly SW design. Then it occurred to me to try out the shoulder pad instead and it is just about the perfect size for the dread. Some careful trimming and we are in business. The rest of the decoration is from the FW brass etch and SW icons pack, along with a halved Warmaster wolf as a bas relief on the body.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Mario's Astro 2012 Space hairier!

I finished green-stuffing the Redmaw last night. I added in his wolf tooth necklace and a couple of braids to tie him in to his normal form.

And by the way, if you are about to wax philosophically about the true form of a being with the curse of the wulfen....don't. Just don't.

I think I am happy with the green stuff work but now I am a bit annoyed with his size. In truth he is a bit big for what he is supposed to represent but the alternatives I have considered involves scrapping all that lovely fur work and spending more money. And that just is not going to happen.

So a short collage showing the evolution of the Redmaw from psychotic daemon prince to psychotic wolf man.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My wandering mind....

So I have let his sit idle for a while as 40K inspiration has been few and far between. What started as a desire to do orks (just not in a compressed time frame), evolved into a desire to do Eldar with my new Warp Hunter and Ghost Spectres has returned me to my first and longest lasting army obsession, Space Wolves. Specifically the rules fro Bran Redmaw and his buddies in the latest Imperial Armour book (The Doom of Mymeara). So I have put together a list as follows:

Bran Redmaw accompanied by 5 Fenrisian wolves. (Outflanking)
Rune Priest terminator in a pod with 4 terminators.
Rune Priest in a rhino with 9 Grey Hunters
10 grey Hunters who can "Infiltrate" or be "Behind Enemy Lines"
Seven wolf scouts led by a wolf guard squad leader
A dread in a drop pod

 So I have started with converting Bran and his furrier alter ego the Redmaw. With less than two months to go the majority of this army still has not been primed. Worse, I will be impressed if I get a chance to try the army out prior to Astro!! In short, it is business as usual for me. I will try to be more regular with the updates. In the meantime I present the work so far....