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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Astronomicon 2012 in the bag.

The Astronomicon tournament in Winnipeg happened last weekend and it was a blast. I had 6 great opponents and enjoyed every game despite losing the first 4 of the 6 straight. The first was due to bad dice and a slightly overpowered scenario (in my opinion and for some others as well). But in all cases my opponents did their jobs and earned their wins. The last two games were pretty much dominated by my Wolves but that was due to some good dice and some scenarios that really suit this army.

Every year Mike, Christian, and Keith (as well as several volunteers) put on a great tourney, which is impressive considering that I have been to numerous tourneys in the past that had a much larger staff and were much less successful in providing a good gaming experience.

I placed 10th overall at Astro, maxed out my Sportsmanship and Painting scores, received the most votes for Best Single model, and I won the award for Best Army. This award is voted on by the players and I am grateful that people thought that the army looked good and that they liked the approach that I took to it. Under the Astro system award winners are essentially eligible to win one award regardless of how many categories someone came in first for. So if a player qualifies for multiple awards, she/he will be presented with whichever one is ranked the highest with Best Overall being the top prize.

There was mention of having the next Astro Winnipeg in November. Maybe I can get back to the Orks for that one but for right now there is a lot of painting work and detailing to complete on this army. Despite the attention the army received, there are numerous touch-ups it needs before I can begin to feel like it is actually done. For now though I have some shots of the finished models. I really do have to invest in a portable photo booth some time.

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