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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Storm Eagle Primed

So I finally assembled and primed the Storm Eagle after adding some wolfy bling from FW. I also cut a pair of "stalking wolves" from plasticard to put on the engine cowling. Some joins require greenstuff as they are much more visible with priming.

Still I can see the beginning of the end for this project, which is good as I will have something completely different as a painting project next. It is a surprise piece, but after that I am looking at returning to the orks or working on the Hierophant biotitan.

I have figured out that right now I am focused on doing projects rather than painting an army, but my ork army has a few projects within it. Still, it would be cool to see the hierophant out with my hierodules some time.Did I mention I have a caestus assault ram on the way? Apparently the closet of shame has a vacancy.


  1. lovely work you are doing on the StormEagle, so far the nicest i've seen scratchbuilt.

    I'm about to embark on a quest to make one similar myself, and I was wondering where you got the templates for the extension?

  2. I did not use any templates. I pretty much constructed pieces as I went, so the first goal was to create an extended cargo box. The back edges were cut to match the back plate with the assault ramp. Once the shape was constructed, then I started detailing the exterior with bits.

    The one thing I wish I had planned out was the attachment point for the flight stand. That caused a few problems later on that I could've done without.