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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Warhound Titan (Legio Gryphonicus): Warhound Weapon and Titan Banners

I do not have the patience or the delicate touch necessary to do really fine art work on the banners. But they should have the desired effect and are not the focus of the model anyway. They were glued and formed to look like they were being blown back by the forward movement of the titan.

I like the fluff around the moderatii and princeps having their own banners marking their achievements. I intend to continue this affectation for the eventual assembly project that is the Reaver (suitably latin-like name TBD)...probably later this year...much later.

Anyway some poor shots of the banners in progress and at the mostly completed stage. I have to decide how to secure them to the weapons and titan. The flag posts supporting them are made from aluminum tubing with the thicker portions being essentially a jacket made from plastic tubing that fits over the aluminum tubing. The eagle head decorations are from a knight titan kit.

Not sure if I mentioned it but the name, 'Filum Sector' is my shitty Latin translation of the name "Thread Cutter". If anyone out there s fluent in Latin and is laughing their ass off at the name, don't tell me. I'm not redoing the damned banner. It's mostly done!

Friday, 17 June 2016

Warhound Titan (Legio Gryphonicus): Warhound Assembled

Still a bunch of small details to be done but the model is now field-able.

Sharp eyed viewers may notice that I did not use the cabling from the weapons to the carapace or under the head. The weapon cables are staying off purely for the convenience of having the weapons interchangeable. The head cables may go in later but I honestly do not see how they will improve the look of the model so there is no rush.

I would ultimately like to add kill banners to the weapons but I have not settled on what I will use. I am thinking of a fine, cheap jeweler's chain. The material used will matter as well as I want them to look like cloth banners.

I also have not added a lot of the iconography either as I am not relishing the idea of free handing them. There is a possibility of getting decals printed but I am still mulling that decision. So here you go, the saturated version of the Legio Gryphonicus scheme.

The base is meant to represent the disembarkation ramp of the Mechanicus lander that brought it. I gave it a very mottled metallic paint job to give the impression the ramp has been dinged by the numerous pieces of heavy equipment moving over the surface. I could spend days more detailing this model but I need to move on to the new units for my Space Wolf ITC list.