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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Storm Eagle Control Surfaces Template

Hopefully this works. Near as I can tell I can not post a file for download so I have scanned in the images and posted them as a jpeg instead.I have included a legend bar to show the scale of the drawings as well (the bar marked as 5cm).

I do not have any templates for the body itself, but I can tell you that I extended the main body by about 2 inches. This portion was done on the fly and completed before I thought to keep a record of what I did to convert it.

Hopefully these are helpful to whomever wishes to use them. I want to say I would appreciate a mention that these came from this blog (i.e. mine) but considering I am copying a design conceived of by someone else, it would make more sense to say "Have at it".


  1. No worries. Hope they are useful.

  2. Have you got templates for the body work? that would be awesome :D

    1. Unfortunately no. The body was pretty much built as I went without a firm plan in mind. I can tell you that the body is about 2 inches longer, but the side and top pieces are longer to anchor the pieces inside the fuselage.

  3. Brilliant , thanks for the tip anyhow :D keep up the good work!