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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Third of three projects on the go

So I apparently just can not get excited by the Nid codex. There is a 1000pt tourney coming up in May and I planned to take Nids. I really did.But there is no play style in that book that I like or could make effective. So I am bringing my Ultras instead. An all infantry list led by a Terminator librarian (from the Space Hulk box), 2 tactical squads and a pair of Terminator squads with Cyclones. The list necessitates the painting of a Terminator squad and the Librarian. Six models is not too bad and it will expand my 1st company and character complement as well. There are alternatives however. A pair of Thunderfire canons would cost only 200 of the 2nd Termie unit's 230 pts.Or a landspeeder unit...or other stuff as will be decided shortly. 

The hierophant is still in progress but I have not yet done anything new to it recently but I do intend to get back to it soon.

And the newest project, the table of terrain #1. And I have really decided to go big. Originally intended to be an Adeptus Mechanicus forge world table, it has morphed into a space ship launch deck. I am trying to incorporate my Space Wolf display base.

The intent is to have a large frame structure throughout the entire table. I had played with a lower profile for the arch portions you can see in these shots but I decided to go with the taller profile. I wanted the launch track to exit out of a large profile that would dwarf the ships.  I am hoping to give players the sensation that they are reaching into a ship to play a game. I am hoping the frame throughout the table will strongly convey this feeling. Here are the initial concept shots. The teleport pad is in some of the shots and I have laid out what will be a cargo elevator in the floor behind the Thunderbolt.

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