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Sunday, 27 April 2014

The post-Apocalypse

So I managed to  make it out to the 40Kegger Apocalypse game and had the opportunity to field all three biotitans. While they attracted a ridiculous amount of firepower and were all dead by the last turn I was very pleased, especially with the Hierophant shooting a Storm Raven out of the sky and destroying a Shadowsword with rear armour shots in one round. All in all a fun time.

The paint job on the Hierophant is about 60% done but it was painted well enough to take the field. After all, I had been waiting to field this army for a while now. It is taking longer to paint this guy compared to the Hierodules due to the lack of texture on the armour surfaces (even the FW parts). Still it is starting to show what it will look like after it is done. Here is a WIP shot and a couple of the army I fielded in the Apoc game.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Hierophant Biotitan gets painted (WIP)

I will confess that I am not at all satisfied with my larger bits of greentsuff work on this model but ultimately

a) It needs to get done some day. Why not now.
b) It will be on a table infrequently anyway so why kill myself over it now.
c) I can always go back to it if I ever feel my hobby work load is too light.

So painting work has started to prep the beastie for an Apocalypse game for next weekend.

These are crappy iPhone shots but the general idea is communicated well enough. I have added 4 lash whips underneath in the form of a heavier looking set of tentacles that are capped with the end bit from a Hive Tyrant's tail. I modeled the piece with wire and greenstuff, then made a mold and attempted to cast it. Two of the casts were ok, while the rest were incomplete due to air pockets in the mold. I made do and the results will look great once final assembly is done.