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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Space Wolves Thunder Wolves: Two Squads

Storm Shields for everybody and a single Thunder Hammer to round it out. I have the last two models assembled but have yet to settle on their weaponry.

So oddly I went from hating the concept to owning about 11 of these models. Marines should not ride dogs.

Space Wolves Thunder Wolves: Characters

I have a set of WIP shots of the Iron Priest and a finished shot of the other two characters (Wolf Lords or Wolf Guard Battle Leaders depending on need. The character with the axe is holding Crom Dragongaze's axe and it can serve as the Black Axe if points allow. His weapon arm is magnetized and his alternative load out is a Thunder Hammer. The other character has a Power Fist that is swap-able with a Wolf Claw.

I am really please with the Iron Priest. The model is so static that it is barely converted. The Servo Arm really gives him some depth while the static pose of the model gives it some gravitas that the other wolf models do not have.

Warhound Titan (Legio Gryphonicus) Weapons yellow tones

Getting the yellow on the weapons to the same shade as that on the legs. I used GW's Yriel Yellow and Troll Slayer Orange from their layer paints for the colours. There were multiple mixtures and blendings.

Next is to clean up the black areas to prep them for metallics and other colours. From here I will have to move on to getting the carapace and main body done. The plan is to spray fix the model to protect the paint job before I start attempting the mottled pattern that is part of the Legio's heraldry. I can see the end of this project and it is looking good so far.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Space Wolves (Murderfang completed)

The Thunder Wolves are done, including an Iron Priest on a wolf but I will need to take proper pictures. In the meantime here is my take on Murderfang.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Warhound Titan (Legio Gryphonicus) Head, Interior, and Leg Test Fit

I found the first shots I took when I started painting the head. Not the interior of course, just the exterior.

I also have a couple of shots of the interior. I really do not want to spend too much time on the interior so I am doing a very dirty job of it. I am much more concerned on how the exterior appearance will look.

Finally a shot of the yellow highlighting before and after a dry fit with the leg shields.

Warhound Titan (Legio Gryphonicus) Leg Shields

All work on this titan is done with a brush. So a lot of dry brushing is being used to create the mottled effect. The Forge World scheme is very washed out and the mottled look appears to have been achieved by simply blasting a roughly circular patch with a air brush. Unfortunately it is so washed out that it is difficult to see.

So I am aiming more for the appearance as shown in the art work in the last post. And having said what I did about the FW scheme, I really hope I can pull this off or I am going to sound like a right tool...well... more of a tool. This is the base shading for the grey areas. I am putting down the base shaded paint first, and I am then going to seal the paint job before I attempt potentially screwing the whole thing up.

Warhound Titan (Legio Gryphonicus) Painting

Primed and base coated legs. Nuff said.

See that mostly painted head? That was what started the avalanche. A couple of months back I made a concession to my desire to work on the warhound by test fitting the head and painting it. I forced myself to put it down because the job was starting to draw me in. A few weeks ago I said "Screw it!" and just gave in. These are the base coats for the yellow portions. Included is a shot f the original War Griffons clour page from the Adeptus Titanicus game.

Warhound Titan (Legio Gryphonicus)

It has been a looong time. Stuff happened in that time. I won't waste any more of it.

So have been playing a bit more lately but I have had a desire to finish a large project and the Mars Pattern Warhound was beckoning. So over the last few weeks I have been slowly getting this beast going. It was rather intimidating at first considering the part count, and magnetizing the guns was a bit of a challenge. But I like the way the project is shaping up.

So I have had a thing for grey and yellow livery for a while now, explaining my enduring fascination with the Space Wolves. Heck my first Blood Bowl team were called the Dwarf Warhammerers, and they were in grey and yellow too.

Adeptus Titanicus was the first GW games I ever played and the War Griffons immediately caught my attention. So I had always intended to paint any titans in the legio colours. However I am focusing on a richer palate for the yellows and blues and keeping the mottled pattern as shown in the original War Griffons colour pages from the AT game booklet.

Lets start with assembling the legs and making a base. The base design was inspired by the fact that I screwed up the leg assembly so that when connected at the hip, the feet were not on the same level. So I used some mdf board scraps I had lying around to add a level to the floor beneath the rear-most leg. I avoided using any wreckage or organic shapes to simulate the titan stepping off the disembarkation ramp of it's transport....or some such thing.


Other projects have had some minor advancements in the meantime, including some small progress on the landing bay and some progress on a Wolves list that will not be at Astro Winnipeg this year. Right now though I am enjoying bringing this behemoth to life.