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Monday, 26 March 2018

Hive Fleet Nocturne: Tyrannocytes, Mawloc, and Trygon

Finally made myself get these photographed. I am wincing a bit as the paint jobs are rough but they are done and I am willing to live with that....sort of.

This is the first time I have used my new lights for a photo shoot. I used some sheets of foam core as the base and background. I have been planning on doing hobby videos for Youtube just to explain and demonstrate some of the simpler techniques I use. So I ordered a couple of cheap single-light units and a Blue Yeti microphone and stand, I just need to learn how to edit video. The first one is explaining casting using silicon rubber and resin.

The Mawloc has a much more sinister profile I think, having used a carnifex torso which is smaller than the one that comes with the kit. This necessitated the sculpting of an extra armour plate at the torso/pelvis join. As Slovak noted in the previous post, the grip plates were cast, then heated with a heat gun to bend them into shape. And I can not stress just how useful a heat gun is for these projects so it is a useful tool if you can spare the funds.

The Trygon is a FW model that I have had for about 10 years I think. I like the base work especially as I liked the image of the Trygon burrowing up and snaking around a ruined Imperial statue, the column slowly collapsing as the Trygon emerges from the ground. I also included a burst pipe with Termagants emerging to represent the ability of the Trygon to allow another unit to emerge from it's tunnel.

The Red Terror
Not much of a paint job to look at. I just wanted to point out that the broken, corrugated conduit on it's base is a plastic bendy straw. There were a few single models I completed like this one, a Ravener, and a Tyrant Guard. I may take a photo of them later.

The future
I recently just completed a Stone Crusher Carnifex and am 50% through the second one (with one more Carnifex on deck after that. And the paint jobs are rushed but... I just want this stuff done. After the Fexes, I still have 3 Venomthropes, 5 Zoanthropes and a Neurothrope, A Lictor and Death Leaper, and finally 10 each of termagants and Hormagaunts. Then on to the Eldar which will involve my first attempt at painting an army with an air brush.

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