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Monday, 1 September 2014

Space Wolf Dreadnought Herd

Sometimes a delve through the bitz box reveals just how much material I have stored away.

So from the SW dread box set I had resolved I would use the kit to primarily construct Bjorn as he finally had a decent looking resculpt.

The axe and shield combo was interesting as well but looked a bit clunky on such a low, squat model. I had an idea to resolve that.

And of course I had to make Murderfang just as long as I did not use that atrocious head piece from the kit. So in all my dread count went up as follows:

Here they are in all of their overly decorated glory. I cast several icons from the Logan kit (yes that damned hover sleigh) and the dread kit to add to my ever expanding collection of SW bling. Overall I am pleased with the results.

Forge World Venerable

Murderfang. Note that rather than have an exposed pilot's face (which is dumb even by 40K standards), instead I went for the appearance of a wolf-themed death mask serving to almost bind the pilot to the dread. It  also preserves the mystery of who is in the dread.

Relic Contemptor with axe and shield. You know you have accumulated too much stuff when you can say the words, "Oh hey, I have a spare contemptor lying around." Luckily I found a good use for him. The head is the bow piece from Logan's jolly sleigh. I just love the pose-ability possible with the contemptor kit.

After these are done my Space Wolves will have 6 dreads (8 if I count those from my original SW army). No matter what happens in the future I am good for dreadnoughts.

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