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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wow, it's been a while....sorry for the delay.

 So life intervened and greatly interfered with all projects great and small. But I have done some work in the interim. the second, secret FW project has actually become two now but I should have shots of them up by the end of next week. The models are great but the subject matter is not in my area of interest so it is hard to be motivated at times. And I have continued some work on the Storm Eagle. The base coats are about done but I want to finish highlighting the red portions before I apply the first coat of sealer. Then I will continue working on the grey portions. I will need to re-line the lines between the armour plates just to clean up the lines a bit but overall it is starting to shape up. I also detailed the base but I did not photograph any of that just yet. Anyway here are some of the more recent shots:

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