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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

I got 99 Tyranids, and an Exocrine IS one....

And Astro prep continues. The goal is to clear out the larger bugs by the end of the weekend.

Then next week involves painting 40 termagants (and up to 60) for the army as well. I would like to take this moment to say to GW,  in reference to the effect Tervigons have had on my desire to purchase termagants in numbers I never wanted before....well played GW, well played.

And this would not be a painting crunch unless I was wanting to work on anything other than the list that needs doing. Seriously I have Knights in the mail and a cool plan for them (yes, plural) and my desire to add to the Ultras has become a bit unhealthy now. Not to mention the Eldar, Chaos, and Orks... I can get treatment for this right?

So below are some WIP shots. Most of the work is a simple rough dry brush with a base colour of old Hawk Turquoise and a highlighting brush of the turquoise mixed with the old Bleached Bone. I prefer to use the Bleached Bone as the highlight colour as white is a bit too cold and harsh, while the Bone colour adds some yellowy warmth to the highlights. I have done a few teal washes but need to do some darker washes in some of the recesses. Then the highlights get striped on, concluding one small part of the body. The Tervigon is included to show what the base colour after a teal wash looked like, and the Zoanthrope is included because he is a media whore.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Another weekend lost in the dungeon

So much of the current work does not translate into a lot of visible progress because I have been working on detailing and a lot of the hidden elements for the lighting system.

I have been using cereal boxes to cover up the steps of the teleporter pad. The "natural" fold of the boxes and the thinner card made for an easier time doing such fiddly work. It provides a flat surface on which to add some simple details with some thicker card stock and it can take a spray primer.

I am still juggling ideas for the fourth quadrant of the base. A good friend of mine, online handle of Teth Amon, recommended the inclusion of an elevator which I think is a sweet idea. Specifically a cargo or munitions elevator. So I am toying with that idea as well as including a crane-like tower behind the fighter lifts with a robotic array mounted on the end of the boom. I still need to ensure that even the ungainliest models can have a reasonable chance of shooting across/crossing the the table. So here are a selection of detail shots as well as a still of one of the lighting systems in action (and uncovered).

Sunday, 9 February 2014

A rough layout is made, an end is seen in the far distance...

So with Astro 2014 about 6 to 8 weeks away and a ton of Nid beasties to paint, I am of course obsessed with working on the landing bay. So yeah....

Anyway, I decided to try to rough out the last two parts of the landing bay terrain. I know that there is one more very large structure that will need to be made for this portion so I need to have an idea as to the allowable size of the footprint. I am looking to make a very tall, spindly/gantry-like structure that forms an arch at it's lowest level to allow easier passage for transports and at least some lines of sight for ranged combat from the long table edges..

I also roughed out the lighting system using a pair of different Christmas lighting rigs so the plane elevators will be rung by pulsing lights while the teleporter will have a moving pulsing ground effect light underneath it's edges. I do have video but I shot it with my iphone and my computer is old enough to struggle to play anything from this device. If I can figure out a solution, I will post the video too. I am trying to do the construction in such a way that the lighting systems can be easily removed in case they fail. Since the table needs to be relatively flat when stored a lot of the tall surface detail needs to be removable anyway.

Note that the teleporter will actually be facing 180 degrees from its current facing in the new layout. I felt it balanced the overall look of the board better.

The layout is roughly as follows. Note that while it does not look like much, the planning is always the most excruciating part. Once things take shape, I find the construction tends to zip along (although the constant cutting of cardboard strips does get tedious).

A collection of ammo crates, barrels, and missiles is filling in for the last sixth of the board. The teleporter is going to encroach a bit more onto this piece but I am stuck as to what to place there. An archway and a storage area would work, as would making an elevator designated specifically for transporting ammunition from the lower decks. However I was also considering a smaller version of this idea between the two plane elevators so this aspect is still up in the air. This is the first time I have had a rough idea of what the finished project is going to look like. And the amount of work is still staggering. Still this is going to be a neat board to play on...I hope.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

And another weekend lost in the flight deck.

So this weekend I focused my attention on the carriages which will be used to transport the fliers inside the flight bay. I have been hoarding potentially interesting plastic sprues for a while and selected a couple to serve as the basic shape for the carriages. I kept using lengths of sprue to further reinforce the structure of the carriage and along with some pinning and some small bits of plastic tubing, the shapes are starting to look good.

They are intended to look as though an elevator behind the launch rails brings up the flier, and the carriage travels along a rail into the launch area. The central portion of the carriages need to be bulked out and thickened so that the carriage will ride fairly high on the launch rail. I will be mocking this up with foam core before I commence work on it. The first had to take the weight of a Caestus Assault ram and here it is. The next will have to accommodate a Thunderbolt Fighter. Both are well along and I will be adding some grating courtesy of some needle point plastic grids that I had picked up a few years ago.

Here are some WIP shots of the first carriage and the load it has to carry.

I have also started work on a pair of Carnifexes, a unit of Venomthropes, an Exocrine, and a Hive Crone (the last two of which just arrived). The urge to paint is still not there, but building has me totally in it's grip. Its some kind of progress at least.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Time flies ... but maybe an update will help

Just looking at the date of the last post I am surprised how loing it has been since I posted an update. Well its like this:

The tyranids
I did a burst of painting and got some hive guard and a tervigon done. Then the desire to paint vanished and the desire to build came up instead so...

Landing bay terrain
I have been putting in a lot of hours detailing the first section (still) but it is a lot closer to being where I want it to be before I can plan out section number two. It is tedious, repetitive work but the first section already has a good sense of scale, especially height that will hopefully translate into a cool gaming experience.

More updates as inspiration strikes but I will have to force myself to get back to painting. Astro 2014 is up in 2 or 3 months and I have a lot of gribblies to paint. Take care.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Progress has slowed, but it is still progress.

Inking and shading on a tervigon's sacs. Giggle all you want.Still have more shades to apply here but it is coming along.

And some detail work on the heads assuming I can get them to display properly.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Shaded bellies...of doooom!!!

I have tried lightening the bellies of the tervigons to give the perception of severely stretched skin. It appears that they are just glowing instead, which still kind of works ofr me. I will be adding numerous ink washes into the darker recesses to give some color and better definition. Currently you can see the effect of the first of these which used the Leviathan purple ink that GW no longer sells. Soon to have blue, green, and ogryn flesh added to the mix. Doing the armour plates is going to be tedious, and I am still not 100% happy with the teal on the body. So I will be doing some more work on those areas as well to clean them up and hopefully blend some of the shade transitions better.

Also included is a shot of the tablet of monstrous creatures with which to terrify enemies. There are still a lot more coming for this army but this is a taste of what I am wanting to get done for this force. And yes that is the slowly evolving (hah!) hierophant biotitan at the back, along with his two hierodule buddies..