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Monday, 19 September 2016

Battlefleet Gothic: Thousand Sons Chaos Fleet

Just a fun little diversion into my favorite specialist game ever created by GW. I am toying with the idea of getting back into this game system and have started by rousing my chaos and imperial fleets. I am trying to keep the paint jobs quick and simple....right.

I had painted up a 1500 pt imperial fleet that I used in a local tournament years ago. I modeled the fleet after the book 'Execution Hour' by Gordon Rennie, a fun read. I had since added a retribution class battleship but that work dates back years.

I am painting up a Planet Killer in TS colors. Despite the fluff there was only ever one built and it was reported destroyed towards  the end of the Gothic war, though it's hulk was never recovered....unless it was. Maybe, I don't know.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Launch Bay: Ready to play

And I have achieved the state of "good enough" and the table is ready to be used. Will probably get a game on it this week. It may also see some action as a Necromunda board as well but those are plans for another time.

Now what do I work on? I am probably going to force myself to complete unfinished projects that were started. There is still a lot of Space Wolf stuff that has been assembled and primed. But then again...

Anyway a few shots of the completed board with the light kits in and working. The board needs a few touch ups and weathering but it is effectively ready to go.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Launch Bay: Main colours and pieces (mostly) done

So I grit my teeth, fired up the Youtube for background noise, and got the main colours down on all of the major pieces for the board and have assembled the whole monster to get an idea of what it will all look like.

I will be completing the  priming of the remaining pieces for the board today. these are primarily the doors / launch elevator for the runway area and a couple of other detail pieces. My goal is to just get the board to a mostly done state. If I decide to go into detail on the board, well there is a large amount of work involved in that and I am not relishing the experience. I will probably spend an afternoon just with a small palette picking out lights and control panels.

I will need to decide how to seal up the paint job on the board and will hopefully be be motivated enough t play a game on it next week. i also have a friend interested in using the board as part of a Necromunda league. That works too.

Of course I am already looking at what is next. There's an old joke about how women are interested by what is on TV while men are interested by what else is on TV. I think I need to keep focused on my Space Wolves for now to get the projects I started completed. Photos will be posted as I go.


I never did note before but I had screwed up the priming on the larger pieces. Because it was a case of mass priming I got lazy and apparently at times was spraying from too far a distance. So in  a few small places the primer coat was very grainy. I just painted over it as mindlessly as possible and have noted the lesson for future projects. Overall the impact is not huge but it is there, mainly on one of the gantry pieces.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Launch Bay: Endless dry brushing

The title really tells it all.

Just a few shots for the record of the work in progress.

Used a copper shade by a brand called Basic that I bought at a local art store (Michael's but other do carry the line). this will be followed by a gold dry brush (which is unfortunately virtually transparent at times over the copper and may require several dry brush passes with time for each coat to dry). Then a light dry brush of an almost equally transparent silver. What? I got the stuff because it is cheap. The effect over all is quite nice too and the coverage is not as bad as I have characterized. It does require some care in applying and I am trying to rush this process.

After this stage I will return to applying a mechanicus red-like colour in places, mainly the vertical surfaces. I intend to using a stippling technique on the main walkways to show wear and tear and a painted floor made little sense in such a place... to me anyway.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Launch Bay: Base coats

Before I had my minor surgery in July I had base coated the launch bay terrain boards. I have healed up enough that I spent some time getting the base coats on the boards themselves. I have used a combination of metallics (copper, gold and silver) and mixed an approximation of mechanicus red to pick out some of the armour plates and make the board look more visually interesting rather than leave it fully metallic. The fun part will be remixing the same shade of red for the structures that will go on the board.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

SW Blood Claws: WIP Squad 1 (paint) and Squad 2 (assembled)

So below I have shots of the 2 Blood Claw units that are part of my ITC army. They are both stock units with a flamer and a power fist/power weapon option for each. Each unit will also have an attendant Rhino transport.

I am mostly done painting unit one. I had originally planned to avoid any yellows in the units but a) I have already violated this "rule" with some of my dreads and, b) I needed an easy way to designate the different units from each other. Unit 1 is mostly done and the palate was a bit darker than I expected. Still they are mostly done and I am good with it for the most part. There are still some details that need to be touched up but the look of the unit is set.

And in case anyone is wondering why the dark skin tones? I have always had a mix of skin tones in my SW army. Not for any PC reasons but simply because I wanted to try working with darker skin tones to see how they would turn out. This is just a continuation of that. And since at 10 men I can only have one weapon (Sword or fist) the two models are actually meant to represent the same Blood Claw pack member. My Ultramarines are an army in which all un-helmeted models are of darker skin tones. This was the continuation of my skin tones experiment and is now a part of that army. Besides I imagine that racism is now really a problem in the dark future. To paraphrase Terry Pratchett, in a universe where you have Orks, Eldar, Chaos, and so on it would make more sense that black and white would work together to beat the crap out of green.

I do not believe I have taken any WIP shots of this unit to show the posing but that is evident in the second set of photos. The beige pieces are those that I had cast. I have numerous copies of the SW shoulder pads and the Blood Claws pads so that all of the shoulder pads are embossed rather than using transfers. On some models you can see the putty work done. It is this that makes marine models a joy to convert. A model can be easily sectioned at the joints, the corrugated portions carved out, the pieces pinned and positioned, and then a wad of green stuff and an x-acto knife are all you need to cover up the work. So on this unit you can see the positioning. And I just wanted to note that I have resisted the urge for years to do a model in a kicking pose. I finally caved but this guy looks more like he is kicking in a door. I can live with that.