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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sunday, 11 March 2012

A bit more progress, but in no planned fashion whatsoever!

So I am finding that my previous 40K malaise still lingers in that I am having problems production-line painting the wolves. So I have been all over the place, doing bits of a different models here and there. So I have given the Rhino most of its first base coats; done the flesh on the Redmaw (good news for me about this guy!! See below); have done most of the base colors for the scouts; have started parts of terminators but mainly the flesh tones; same for Bran in his human form; about half of the base metal coats on the drop pods are done.

Some shots are included below. And the good news about Bran? Forge World has an errata for Imperial Armour 11 that gives the Redmaw the Monstrous Creature classification. Now the Redmaw is a threat to infantry and vehicles....actually vehicles even more so now, which makes the Redmaw's Furious Charge even better. I still expect him to be nickle-and-dimed to death but he can potentially do stuff now, maybe...

Anyway most of the paint jobs are at that supremely ugly stage where I can barely stand the sight of them. But the painting is slowly continuing so I am considering any progress to be good progress.

 By the way, it must have something to do with how I am lighting these models (a lamp pointed directly at them) but the brush marks are enhanced in these photos. It makes them look rougher than they appear in reality. Either that or my eyes are finally going....damn it....