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Monday, 22 April 2013

Section 1: Launch Rails is essentially based

So continuing with my mad idea of doing a ship's deck as my first terrain board, I have managed to get the first section covered in card over a base of foam sheeting.I really went for relatively random sections of card shapes but all made with clean cuts to emphasize the mechanical nature of the setting.

I have included shots with what will eventually be detailed hull/portal supports, including one from the perspective of a terminator model. Unfortunately I do not know why the page insists on displaying this photo sideways.

Speaking of terminators, the 40Kegger tourney is coming up and it will be my first experience at it. Players are bringing 1000 pt lists and I am taking an Ultramarine all-foot army. The list requires me to paint a second terminator squad and a terminator librarian. I was not looking forward to purchasing a new character models as prices have risen to the level of insanity, but then I remembered that I had a copy of Space Hulk in the Closet of Shame (TM to the Fijalman). So the models have been assembled, converted, and based. Now to paint with two weeks to go. I'll put up pics when they are painted as they are primed black currently so detail will be hard to see.