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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Test Fit No. 1: Hierophant Biotitan

So this is roughly the posing of the model as I am currently shaping it. Apparently I need to go back and fix the alignment on the beasty's upraised limb. Other than that it essentially meets the requirements I set out at the beginning of this project: three limbs on the ground and a smaller foot print for the base to allow the creature to be useable in games.

The limbs are still too thin to fully support the model. I noticed this when I first got it as the previous owner had used it frequently and had not based it. All of those fine limbs were bent from the weight of the model, causing them all to bow outwards. Even with the hooves as a better support point for the rear limbs, the thinness of the limbs look like they will start to bend out again even when mounted on the base. So I may have to have a set of ruins on the base that will serve as further supports for the rear limbs, thus taking some of the weight off of them.

In some photos you can see a white, vaguely  triangular-like shape under the bio-titan. That is the shape of the base and it has been cut out of a piece of masonite already. And yes, I am still ducking the green stuff work. Don't judge me.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Hierophant Legs: Forelimbs continued (finally)

Wired these up too and prepped the plastic bits I will be using. Still a bunch of greenstuff work that I am avoiding but am working towards getting this project back on track. Here are the initial setups for both forelimbs.

Sidelined...but on the bright side.

Well I had to take a pass on the 40Kegger tourney due to an impressive headache and lower back pain.  So overall my weekend was less than optimal. Still I got some production done. My Ultras now have a second Terminator squad and a Terminator Librarian, so that's cool. I also got molds made of my FW Ultramarines Rhino doors to gussy up models and bases. I even assembled a Whirlwind and Vindicator using my newest casts but these will not see paint for a while. Other projects await my attentions again. So here are some photos of the Ultras. I realized as I looked at these, and the previous work I have done on this army,  that these are not my best paint jobs. I feel I have a lot of respect for the Chapter as described by I do not really feel anything resembling the passion I feel towards my Wolves. Weird. Still there is a lot of conversion work throughout this army that I am quite happy with. Check it out.