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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sidelined...but on the bright side.

Well I had to take a pass on the 40Kegger tourney due to an impressive headache and lower back pain.  So overall my weekend was less than optimal. Still I got some production done. My Ultras now have a second Terminator squad and a Terminator Librarian, so that's cool. I also got molds made of my FW Ultramarines Rhino doors to gussy up models and bases. I even assembled a Whirlwind and Vindicator using my newest casts but these will not see paint for a while. Other projects await my attentions again. So here are some photos of the Ultras. I realized as I looked at these, and the previous work I have done on this army,  that these are not my best paint jobs. I feel I have a lot of respect for the Chapter as described by I do not really feel anything resembling the passion I feel towards my Wolves. Weird. Still there is a lot of conversion work throughout this army that I am quite happy with. Check it out.

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