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Monday, 19 November 2012

Phase 1: Hierophant fore-limbs (leg shield)

Inspired by the Tervigon model, this is my attempt to create a platform upon which to do some sculpting to detail the fore-limbs of my Hierophant biotitan. I used plasticard (about 1.5 mm thick) and created a template to guide the appearance of these shields. I drew one side of the shield onto heavy stock card, then used that shape to design a double-sided template. This in turn was used to trace out the desired shape in plasticard. The top ridges of the fore-limbs had to be cut down to allow better contact with the leg shield. So I am now committed to a conversion job.

Here are some basic pictures of the phase one of work. The shapes are still too flat and will need to be rounded using greenstuff but I expect that these shapes will serve as  a guide. I have included shots of the double-sided template with a  ruler for anyone interested in trying this out. Be warned that gluing the plasticard to make this shape was a pain to make happen..

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Hierophant ideas

As a quick note, the mega-battle ended up being a no-go for me. Work came first unfortunately but it looked like an insane game. An ork horde led by a stompa line against an entrenched IG position. Very cool indeed and I am sorry I missed it...

So a while back I picked up a hierophant biotitan from a seller on Kijiji. I love the idea of the beastie but the model is all wrong. Specifically the legs. Something that massive would not be able to walk on points. Its claws should sink into the ground with each step. So I have been pondering how to change the creature's legs and feet.

The rear legs are to go to the look of the carnifex's rear hoof-like feet. Its front limbs went through several design concepts, but the one that intrigued me the most is the set of limbs from the Tervigon kit, one of which is circled below. By the way the photo does not belong to me, is used without permission, and I do not assume any rights with regards to the image other than the right to highlight one part of it. Probably meaningless legally but I felt a need to say that. Anyway....

After the sculpting work is done for the feet, the walking pads of the titan's feet will be able to support the model's weight and will allow me to re-position the limbs to minimize the size of any base that I use. Rather than sculpting the whole leg shield out of green stuff, I have cut a shape from plasticard to serve as the basis of the leg shield, and then will layer green stuff on that to add a more organic look to it all. I am quite nervous about this as this is the most ambitious modelling project with regards to the sculpting. On the plus side weird organic components like Nid limbs are very forgiving for inexperienced sculptors (unlike the clean lines required for technologically advanced races in the game). So here is a shot of the model that is the basis of the design, as well as my latest of concept drawings of what the forelimbs should end up looking like.There is a sketch of the rear hoof as well but I wanted to add more to that particular look as it appears a bit too plain for my tastes.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Megabattle on the way!!

So I have been quite a bit more absent from the gaming side of the hobby than I have been from the painting side. And I am finding myself to be quite behind the curve when playing now with a brand new edition out to enjoy.

Last week I took a Nid list out for a spin that managed to do surprisingly well, though in fairness my opponent was a friend who brought out a weaker Guard list than he would normally field (I assume it was just to allow me to learn the game and not get too frustrated). And it is now a very different game indeed from what I am used to.

In a couple of weeks a local gaming club will be running an Apocalypse Mega-battle (10 people per side, 2000 pts each max) and it is an excellent opportunity to field my Hierodule biotitans. I still have about 700 pts to spend but I was thinking of including the Swarmlord to bolster  the biotitans, the Parasite as a unit generator, and a unit of gargoyles to accompany the Parasite and to force me to finally paint these models. They have been assembled and extensively based but have been on the shelf for a  couple of years now. So this looks like a good opportunity to get them done using an event as the impetus. Anything that drives my production of painted models right now is a good thing. This in turn increases my desire to play, which is also a good thing.

Besides....I never get to use my biotitans.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Parasite of Mortrex

Ok this one has been on the shelf for a while now. So the description of this beastie describes it as being about the size of a warrior. And I love the idea of having this creature implanting rippers in it's unfortunate victims. So it needed an ovipositor of some sort with which to implant its eggs. So in delving into the bits box I brought up a set of tyranid warriors from Advanced Space Crusade, specifically the rather large stinger-equipped abdomens. The wings were easy as I had two sets of warrior wings and no desire to field shrikes with their current rules and stats. Hormagaunt scything talons were used for the forward pairs of limbs, while the back set are the middle limbs from the termagant/hormagant torsos. This did two things:

First it broke the Nid rule of 3 pairs of limbs. Wings for nids usually count as a pair of limbs so technically this conversion has four pairs of limbs. So for any offended fluff bunnies, this is a unique tyranid organism and can deviate significantly from the Nid body plan while still looking consistent.

Second the effect is more of a creature that grasps its prey just enough to implant them, or attack with the scything talons at the front. The model has a profile that looks more like a wasp, which gives it it a sense of aggressive movement as the stinger is always pointed forward into an attack position.

I have also resolved that at some vague, undefined point that I really need to build or buy a photo booth. There are so many effects on this model and on the Swarm Lord that are washed out by my attempts to photograph them that I have a hard time closing the discrepancy between what I see vs what I post. Anyway here are the shots, such as they are: