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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Parasite of Mortrex

Ok this one has been on the shelf for a while now. So the description of this beastie describes it as being about the size of a warrior. And I love the idea of having this creature implanting rippers in it's unfortunate victims. So it needed an ovipositor of some sort with which to implant its eggs. So in delving into the bits box I brought up a set of tyranid warriors from Advanced Space Crusade, specifically the rather large stinger-equipped abdomens. The wings were easy as I had two sets of warrior wings and no desire to field shrikes with their current rules and stats. Hormagaunt scything talons were used for the forward pairs of limbs, while the back set are the middle limbs from the termagant/hormagant torsos. This did two things:

First it broke the Nid rule of 3 pairs of limbs. Wings for nids usually count as a pair of limbs so technically this conversion has four pairs of limbs. So for any offended fluff bunnies, this is a unique tyranid organism and can deviate significantly from the Nid body plan while still looking consistent.

Second the effect is more of a creature that grasps its prey just enough to implant them, or attack with the scything talons at the front. The model has a profile that looks more like a wasp, which gives it it a sense of aggressive movement as the stinger is always pointed forward into an attack position.

I have also resolved that at some vague, undefined point that I really need to build or buy a photo booth. There are so many effects on this model and on the Swarm Lord that are washed out by my attempts to photograph them that I have a hard time closing the discrepancy between what I see vs what I post. Anyway here are the shots, such as they are:

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