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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Thunder, thunder, thunder wolves!!!

I caved and got a couple of boxes of these. I also used the two wolves from the Logan Angry Sleigh as mounts for two variants of Wolf Guard/Wolf Lord characters. I still want to do an Iron Priest on Thunderwolf at some point but will have to go looking for extra Thunder Wolves.

I spent some time painting the wolves because they are easy and I get to feel a somewhat false sense of accomplishment. Most of this squad made their tabletop debut this past Friday and managed to put down the Swarmlord, a pair of Tyrant Guard, and 30 Termagants. Storm Shields are sweet, and made sweeter with S10 Thunderhammers.

So some WIP shots. I am officially out of Space Wolf models that I want to assemble currently so I guess I am finally forced to paint. Progress reports as they happen.

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