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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Knight Titan (Legio Gryphonicus): Vindex

The first of 5 knight models, this one is intended to be in a paint scheme of my liking. And for some reason greys and yellows are a combination I really like.

The knight collection is intended to be a unit of free blade knights with each one representing a friend of mine. Vindex is my representative in this unit. I decided to replicate the War Griffons scheme as it is just a an intriguing combination. A warm and a cool colour. The blue is another cold colour but since I am using such saturated tones for the yellow the blue is a more jarring contrast than the greys.

My experiments at replicating the full on mottled effect on the original War Griffons art have not provided a satisfactory effect yet so instead I have simply used a slightly more extreme shading change in the greys at the carapace edges. If I come up with an effective technique for doing the mottled effect, I can always paint it on top of the work already done.

First some of the WIP shots.

Then the mostly done shots. Lots of pipes and hoses to paint.

You know, this guy reminds me of something....something I was supposed to finish. Now what was that...

Oh, right.


  1. Looks great Mario, that color combination is going to flash like a warning beacon.

    1. Hey Pete!! The colour scheme worked out better than I expected to be honest. The yellow is not as bright as I wanted it originally but I like the intense warmth it gives and the way it contrasts with the blue and grey. The Warhound looks good too in this scheme, and I expect the eventual Reaver will pop as well.

  2. Gorgeous, Mario...I just want to see more! I really like blue and grey as complimentary colours and the less-intense yellow is perfect to offset them; will the same scheme carry into the larger (true) Titans?

  3. Thanks. It already has as I was looking to do a scheme that was closer to the original War Griffons scheme instead of the washed out version FW did. You can find it in the blog here: