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Saturday, 14 April 2012

My Newest Obssession

 With Astro out of the way, I have no focus for my hobby interests other than I want to work on "cool stuff". Then the storm eagle was released, providing a pull to stay on with the Wolves. Now I have been debating the merits, both aesthetically and functionally, of a caestus assault ram and a storm eagle. Now I have a storm raven kit that I had peered at but never used before. Well this time I dug out the kit and started by lengthening the fuselage, and numerous hours, bits of plasticard later, I had the basis for a storm eagle conversion from the  storm raven kit. Here are the WIP shots of this vehicle.


  1. How did this turn out? I'm planning on doing one myself.

  2. Check out the entries for July of 2012. Those show the painted shots. I had planned on going back to it to weather it a bit but that was about 20 different projects ago. I always seems to have a lot on the go but have trouble finishing it all. With my work year starting to wind down I have been dusting off the paints and getting back into this. New posts should be showing up soon.