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Sunday, 15 April 2012

(slightly) Better shots of the Storm Eagle (WIP)

I  believe that I am at that point where I should invest in a photo booth. I may even read the instructions for my camera someday.

This is the Storm Eagle with some more detailing, but there is still a lot to go.

I have an interesting piece that may fit at the top of the pilots canopy that may look like an extra armoured plate;

I am not happy with the mounting  for the rocket pod at the top.I am thinking of making it a fixed mount that looks a bit beefier maybe;

I need to construct a new mounting point and support for the flying stand and re-balance the weight distribution as most is at the back of the model;

and I need to smooth the transition to the white Star Trek piece I glued onto the top of the midsection.

In all though I must admit that the model looks a lot better than the Storm Raven just by virtue of lengthening the body. And this is the only time I will mention it but of course I am referring to my personal tastes when discussing aesthetics, and am not making a final judgement that I expect all to agree with. Just sayin'....

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