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Saturday, 28 January 2012

And now the dreadnought...

Well in truth it is a contemptor but it will be fielded as a standard dread with a multi-melta (in the mail) and a heavy flamer deploying by drop pod. This was a good excuse to get this model done and it's archaic design suits the vision I have of Redmaw's company. The dread's head was replaced by an interesting piece I have. A long time ago I carved out the wolfs head shoulder pad of Ragnar Blackmane and used it on a different model (a rune priest to be precise). Well since dabbling in casting I have rescued that shoulder pad and made a mold of it from which several casts were made. Now originally I had intended to use a cast of the space wolf wolfs head helmet from the current plastic box (and yes that is too many "wolf" in the same apologies). But the helmet was too small for the body despite having a distinctly SW design. Then it occurred to me to try out the shoulder pad instead and it is just about the perfect size for the dread. Some careful trimming and we are in business. The rest of the decoration is from the FW brass etch and SW icons pack, along with a halved Warmaster wolf as a bas relief on the body.

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