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Monday, 10 October 2011

Ork Jet Trukk part II

Ok I have now added some detailing as well as some parts from the ork trukk kit I already own. Whats that? Why not build the ork trukk straight out of the box? Too easy I'm afraid. I need to while away hours by slowly evolving a design as the whims take me. Why play the game when I can use up all of my time preparing for it....sometimes I hate myself.

Anyway I have added some details and have the GW Ork trukk wheels in some silicon mold rubber. That way I will have all of the wheels I will need to complete the army. I still feel that I must add more to the model. It does not yet look done to me yet although it does now remind me of a Caestus Assault vehicle

Ork Jet Trukk

Ok, I have slowly (painfully slowly) begun work on an Ork army for WH40K. And despite my "desire" to have a simple build, I just can not work on army like this (with so much conversion potential) without having a go at making a very unique looking Waagh.

So I have begun with the two trukks that the list has in it. Both will be based on a jet engine from a Star Wars Pod-Racer model (the only good thing to come out of Phantom Menace). The first is depicted in the following photos. I did not have a clear idea for this conversion aside from wanting to make the trukks look like the large vehicle from the board game Thunder Road. It is a design ripped straight out of the Road Warrior, with a centrally mounted jet engine. I had also wanted to make the model's surfaces large enough to accomodate up to 12 or models but that plan has fallen a bit short. Ask me later....

Sunday, 18 September 2011

The first post

Well in a probably vain attempt to keep myself motivated on my hobbies, especially with a new school year kicking off and demanding the vast majority of my time. Orks are on the docket first with a 15000 pt 40K list in the offing. As is usual for me I am attempting to include a selection of units in the army rather than spamming the same unit over and over. Not that there is anything wrong with that if that is your just not my thing. The first few photos of the battlewagon will go up shortly.