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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Megabattle on the way!!

So I have been quite a bit more absent from the gaming side of the hobby than I have been from the painting side. And I am finding myself to be quite behind the curve when playing now with a brand new edition out to enjoy.

Last week I took a Nid list out for a spin that managed to do surprisingly well, though in fairness my opponent was a friend who brought out a weaker Guard list than he would normally field (I assume it was just to allow me to learn the game and not get too frustrated). And it is now a very different game indeed from what I am used to.

In a couple of weeks a local gaming club will be running an Apocalypse Mega-battle (10 people per side, 2000 pts each max) and it is an excellent opportunity to field my Hierodule biotitans. I still have about 700 pts to spend but I was thinking of including the Swarmlord to bolster  the biotitans, the Parasite as a unit generator, and a unit of gargoyles to accompany the Parasite and to force me to finally paint these models. They have been assembled and extensively based but have been on the shelf for a  couple of years now. So this looks like a good opportunity to get them done using an event as the impetus. Anything that drives my production of painted models right now is a good thing. This in turn increases my desire to play, which is also a good thing.

Besides....I never get to use my biotitans.

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