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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Warhound Titan (Legio Gryphonicus) Carapace Base Tones

Since we are so near the holidays, progress has been slowed down by real world responsibilities. But some small progress is still being made.

These are the base tone greys for the carapace. Like the yellows the plan is to highlight the solid colours, then spray fix the paint job so hopefully I can wipe away mistakes while painting the final layers. 

Again the plan is to reproduce the mottled look of the War Griffons as shown in the original colour plates in the Adeptus Titanicus game. I have an idea of how to approach that scheme but I have no idea yet how it will work. I will have to practice on some primed card to see just how viable my ideas are. I really do not want to use an airbrush on this model. I'm saving that for the Eldar superheavies.

Below is a rough mock-up of the of the carapace with the weapons and head. And yes, I will have to re-do the yellow on the head to match my current scheme for the model. 


One of the reasons I am feeling compelled to work on these large models is because I have opened all of the packaging and mocked up at least some of the assembly on them (the Phantom is going to be huge). But this means that bits get loose and I have managed to misplace numerous parts. So when I started seriously assembling this model I could not locate the brass etch grating for the carapace. So I scratch built these stand ins to take their place until I accidentally turn over the rock I left the brass etch under. 

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