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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The camera's flash may not be my friend.

Not having any background in photography, I am generally blind and unthinking in my approach to taking photos. Luckily I have friends who have no problem saying that the shots I took look bad. Specifically the camera's flash washed out the colours so much that any evidence of highlighting was obliterated. So I took a long hard look at these photos and tried taking a few shots in natural light and with the flash off. I did do some colour correction using a very old program I have but I tried to keep my manipulations to a minimum and had the model at hand to compare the colours. It is quite possible that such digital shenanigans is at least partly responsible for the washed out look of the previous set of photos but that sounds too much like taking responsibility and that just is not my thing.

I may finally get my first game of 6th Ed in soon, but for that I am planning on using my Ultramarines. At 300 pts kitted out like this this flier may be a bit much for a 1500 pt game (points wise that is). There is also the inevitability that the first time a newly completed model hits the table, it gets destroyed by the first shot that hits it. I should probably field the Wolves just to get that out of thee way and blame it on unfamiliarity with the demands of the new rule set.

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