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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Hierophant ideas

As a quick note, the mega-battle ended up being a no-go for me. Work came first unfortunately but it looked like an insane game. An ork horde led by a stompa line against an entrenched IG position. Very cool indeed and I am sorry I missed it...

So a while back I picked up a hierophant biotitan from a seller on Kijiji. I love the idea of the beastie but the model is all wrong. Specifically the legs. Something that massive would not be able to walk on points. Its claws should sink into the ground with each step. So I have been pondering how to change the creature's legs and feet.

The rear legs are to go to the look of the carnifex's rear hoof-like feet. Its front limbs went through several design concepts, but the one that intrigued me the most is the set of limbs from the Tervigon kit, one of which is circled below. By the way the photo does not belong to me, is used without permission, and I do not assume any rights with regards to the image other than the right to highlight one part of it. Probably meaningless legally but I felt a need to say that. Anyway....

After the sculpting work is done for the feet, the walking pads of the titan's feet will be able to support the model's weight and will allow me to re-position the limbs to minimize the size of any base that I use. Rather than sculpting the whole leg shield out of green stuff, I have cut a shape from plasticard to serve as the basis of the leg shield, and then will layer green stuff on that to add a more organic look to it all. I am quite nervous about this as this is the most ambitious modelling project with regards to the sculpting. On the plus side weird organic components like Nid limbs are very forgiving for inexperienced sculptors (unlike the clean lines required for technologically advanced races in the game). So here is a shot of the model that is the basis of the design, as well as my latest of concept drawings of what the forelimbs should end up looking like.There is a sketch of the rear hoof as well but I wanted to add more to that particular look as it appears a bit too plain for my tastes.

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