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Monday, 17 February 2014

Another weekend lost in the dungeon

So much of the current work does not translate into a lot of visible progress because I have been working on detailing and a lot of the hidden elements for the lighting system.

I have been using cereal boxes to cover up the steps of the teleporter pad. The "natural" fold of the boxes and the thinner card made for an easier time doing such fiddly work. It provides a flat surface on which to add some simple details with some thicker card stock and it can take a spray primer.

I am still juggling ideas for the fourth quadrant of the base. A good friend of mine, online handle of Teth Amon, recommended the inclusion of an elevator which I think is a sweet idea. Specifically a cargo or munitions elevator. So I am toying with that idea as well as including a crane-like tower behind the fighter lifts with a robotic array mounted on the end of the boom. I still need to ensure that even the ungainliest models can have a reasonable chance of shooting across/crossing the the table. So here are a selection of detail shots as well as a still of one of the lighting systems in action (and uncovered).

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