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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Summer Wind Up

So I was in Portugal for three weeks and had little interest in modelling projects for the last few weeks of school. Thus a long delay between posts. But the new school year is fast approaching, another trip is scheduled for August, and I find my attention torn around my admittedly vast model collection (which is a constant theme if you have been a regular reader of my meaningless ramblings). So on to the stuff that has managed to hold my attention for more than 10 minutes:

First up, I have been building a lot of Eldar recently. Seven tank hulls in all, a wraith knight, two flyers, and numerous aspect warrior squads. These have been stored for a long time (aside from the new models naturally) and are overdue some attention. Careful viewers will see a project that has not seen the light of day since the initial posts on this blog.

Second, the base of the hierophant is more or less done. It is a bit flat for my tastes but it allows more of the model to be clearly seen. The heaviness of the forelimbs can be a bit distracting and from certain angles they block the view to portions of the model. More green stuff works continues as well but it is getting done in stages.

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