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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Hierophant Test Fit 002: Now with green stuff

Some of the preliminary sculpting work on the hierophant. I am not confident in my sculpting abilities but being committed as I am will inevitably drive the project forward. I have stuck to the easier parts of the sculpting work i.e. the foldy bits at the limb joints. However I did also get a rough shape down for the hooves of the hind limbs and the 'palms' of the forelimbs, but that was tough to try to get them to slightly appear like each other. I get the feeling that I will have to build up all of the greenstuff work a single detail ata time. I have started with the muscle bundles on the (creature's) left 'palm'.

I am happy with the posing and the base size. I have cut the base out using a powered saw and sanded the edges slightly. The model should be very useable in games, and with an upcoming Apocalypse release, this bugger might be ready to rock some really big 40K playgrounds.

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