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Sunday, 23 October 2016

An Eldar diversion....for a few weeks anyway

Remember when i was working on BFG stuff? Me neither apparently.

The models sit in silent vigil over my work station as I allow my attention to go while. I almost called it my focus but as will be seen, that word is not appropriate.

First off I was asked to bring out the Eldar for the weekly gaming group as no one else was using them. I did not want to as I knew that my attention would become rather elf-centric. And lo that is what happened. I worked on a converted set of Shining Spears, assembled two more Dire Avenger units, assembled a unit of Wraithblades with axe and shield, assembled a Shuriken canon toting Wraithlord, and finally dramatically posed my FW Wraithseer.

The first shots show how I cut up the Wraithlord legs to reposition them for a few more posing options.

The Wraithblades were also extensively reworked to give them more dynamic and threatening poses.

The primed Wraithlord is an old assembly from a few years ago. Not really happy withit now but too lazy to change it.

The Wraithseer is just too boring in it's stock pose so mine is ready to fight but is casting a psychic power.

The Eldar are now on hold, Check the next post to see why. Squirrel!

Only the Wraithlord and Wraithblades are included below:

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