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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

I got 99 Tyranids, and an Exocrine IS one....

And Astro prep continues. The goal is to clear out the larger bugs by the end of the weekend.

Then next week involves painting 40 termagants (and up to 60) for the army as well. I would like to take this moment to say to GW,  in reference to the effect Tervigons have had on my desire to purchase termagants in numbers I never wanted before....well played GW, well played.

And this would not be a painting crunch unless I was wanting to work on anything other than the list that needs doing. Seriously I have Knights in the mail and a cool plan for them (yes, plural) and my desire to add to the Ultras has become a bit unhealthy now. Not to mention the Eldar, Chaos, and Orks... I can get treatment for this right?

So below are some WIP shots. Most of the work is a simple rough dry brush with a base colour of old Hawk Turquoise and a highlighting brush of the turquoise mixed with the old Bleached Bone. I prefer to use the Bleached Bone as the highlight colour as white is a bit too cold and harsh, while the Bone colour adds some yellowy warmth to the highlights. I have done a few teal washes but need to do some darker washes in some of the recesses. Then the highlights get striped on, concluding one small part of the body. The Tervigon is included to show what the base colour after a teal wash looked like, and the Zoanthrope is included because he is a media whore.

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