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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Legio Gryphonicus Reaver (more shots)

Just a few more shots of the Reaver from different angles and showing all of the painted weapon systems for it. I am really disappointed that you can not equip the Volcano canon on the carapace mount in the Reaver's rule book entry.

I have not done any decal work yet and have to plan out the banners for this titan. I will probably complete these as well as a set for the Warhound as I wanted to rework some parts of those. I have yet to settle on a  a name for this titan that I like. Currently it is "Furore Imperatoris" which is most likely a shitty online translation for "Fury of the Emperor" but I find this name too generic and boring.

Both titans will have honour banners hanging between their legs and kill banners for the weapons. I am debating if I also want to add the Legio banners on to the carapaces of the titans. These may look neat but I will have to plan those out, especially the Reaver as it may have to be mounted either on or behind the Apocalypse launcher.

I was also playing with the idea of making a bas relief set of legio icons and casting them up to use instead of decals in some areas. To this end I managed to track down griffon head bits from the AoS GW line and may use these as the griffon heads in the icons. Still thinking about it though.

Anyway here is the Reaver ready for table top use at the very least.

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