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Monday, 27 February 2012

Rough paint shots.

And I do mean rough. I spent some time getting some of the base coats and some washes down on the scout unit and the contemptor. The details of the contemptor are at least more visible. But it is also apparent that the base coats need a few more applications to get them solid.

The scouts' skin tones are currently fairly dark and I am tempted to leave them around that level. Space Wolves are supposed to get more tan and leathery as they age so this would at least be in line with the fluff. Anyway, the painting has begun.

This is the part I like the least about preparing an army for a tourney. It always looks like crap when they are WIP during the painting process. And they will continue to look crap up until the finishing touches are done, and then it is like something magical happens and it is all good. On the other hand I must admit to feeling stoked about this army. Not in its playing potential as I believe that it will be thrashed like a seal in a sharks jaws. No in the appearance and feel of it. My original 13th Company army is still one of my best and my most favourite army project (my Nids are a close second). In a way I am glad I have found some way to re-use the army as some of the models are quite neat.

I will probably not get much painting time prior to the weekend but I will continue to post on this project as it happens.

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