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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Phase 1a: Forelimbs Revised

So I spent a lot of time planning and planning, and being too worried I would botch the job that I have let this project sit for a while. Work was also pretty intense but the break is upon me so more time is now available.

I had been pondering how the forelimbs would look in their previous incarnation, and they looked far too plain. The detail necessary would have required a whole wad of green stuff and I began to have concerns regarding how much weight this would add. So for some reason I opted to add armored scales to the limbs using plasticard (yet again). The templates are below. I also modified the concept sketch and I think I have settled on the final look I am hoping to achieve.

The rear limbs will end in a giant hoof like the Fex and Tervigon. These changes will make the beast's limbs look a lot heavier at the terminal point, but should convey a better sense of the toughness of the model and should meet my need to reduce the model's footprint to make it more useful for games.

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