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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Reaver Titan (Legio Gryphonicus): fml

So no photos as this was rather heartbreaking and infuriatingly stupid of me at the same time.

I managed to do a mass priming of the Reaver Titan parts that I had assembled. I pretty much had everything ready for priming barring the weapons themselves. So I had quite large stack of model parts to transport. Long story short, laziness and stupidity wins, I tried to carry them all at once using a flat surface, and I dropped the whole leg assembly down the basement stairs. It was one of those moments where you realize something shitty is happening and it plays out in slow mo for your enjoyment. So I watched numerous toes and pistons and broken joint collars spin around the basement floor.

Now I have enough experience with modelling that I am confident that I can repair the damage. It was not a whole flight of stairs at least. It is just frustrating that a better decision on my part would have avoided this. So yeah, there it is. The next update will be more positive. I just felt a need to share. Not wanting sympathy, just sharing.


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