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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Launch Bay: Endless dry brushing

The title really tells it all.

Just a few shots for the record of the work in progress.

Used a copper shade by a brand called Basic that I bought at a local art store (Michael's but other do carry the line). this will be followed by a gold dry brush (which is unfortunately virtually transparent at times over the copper and may require several dry brush passes with time for each coat to dry). Then a light dry brush of an almost equally transparent silver. What? I got the stuff because it is cheap. The effect over all is quite nice too and the coverage is not as bad as I have characterized. It does require some care in applying and I am trying to rush this process.

After this stage I will return to applying a mechanicus red-like colour in places, mainly the vertical surfaces. I intend to using a stippling technique on the main walkways to show wear and tear and a painted floor made little sense in such a place... to me anyway.

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