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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Launch Bay: Main colours and pieces (mostly) done

So I grit my teeth, fired up the Youtube for background noise, and got the main colours down on all of the major pieces for the board and have assembled the whole monster to get an idea of what it will all look like.

I will be completing the  priming of the remaining pieces for the board today. these are primarily the doors / launch elevator for the runway area and a couple of other detail pieces. My goal is to just get the board to a mostly done state. If I decide to go into detail on the board, well there is a large amount of work involved in that and I am not relishing the experience. I will probably spend an afternoon just with a small palette picking out lights and control panels.

I will need to decide how to seal up the paint job on the board and will hopefully be be motivated enough t play a game on it next week. i also have a friend interested in using the board as part of a Necromunda league. That works too.

Of course I am already looking at what is next. There's an old joke about how women are interested by what is on TV while men are interested by what else is on TV. I think I need to keep focused on my Space Wolves for now to get the projects I started completed. Photos will be posted as I go.


I never did note before but I had screwed up the priming on the larger pieces. Because it was a case of mass priming I got lazy and apparently at times was spraying from too far a distance. So in  a few small places the primer coat was very grainy. I just painted over it as mindlessly as possible and have noted the lesson for future projects. Overall the impact is not huge but it is there, mainly on one of the gantry pieces.

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