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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Space Wolf Fire Raptor: Habrok

The last of the Forge World flyers to be completed (assembly-wise anyway). I was pleased to see that the size of my converted Storm Eagle has pretty much the same footprint as the Fire Raptor. Conversions like that, especially without another model as a reference, always concern me somewhat as I do not want an opposing to player to think that I would model for advantage on the table-top.

As is usual with my FW builds I screwed up and glued the guide rails to the backs of the side weapon pods. The end result is that the autocanons are locked pointing downwards. I can easily adjust this with some plasticard and magnets but in truth, that's the way I envision those canons being used primarily so I am good with it for  now.

As is usual there is a selection of SW icons cast and added. I replaced the top hatch with the central image from the Grand Annulus ) from the floor of Logan's sleigh....seriously, a sleigh pulled by wolves...). The conversion looked rough but I am waiting until after the priming step to make the final adjustments.

So I will hopefully have the interest to go back to painting. What to paint now....didn't I say something before about Space Wolves? Anyway crappy pics as always....

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