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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Launch Bay: Launch rails section sealed and central building

Just a quick update. Progress is slow now because I am deciding and designing as I go. I am about done with modifying the central structure but have a lot of detailing to do. I also want to add some more weight to the board edge side to improve the balance of the structure. I am sometimes surprised at how large it is now.

I took the time to do the mundane work of sealing up the exposed foam at the edges of the launch rails board section. It will have little effect on what you are seeing but was a necessary job that needed doing. It may be the last one I needed to seal up as I believe I already completed this task on one of the other sections (or possibly both).

I placed the central building and arches in position just to see them together again. With rumours of the return of Necromunda, this 4 x 4 section is going to make an interesting battlefield.  Anyway here are the photos. I am starting to want to get back to painting but this job is so close to being close.the assembly I mean. painting this beast is going to be a whole other headache. Still once it is assembled I will have to leave it until better weather arrives and I can prime this board outdoors.

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