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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Launch Bay: Upper Gantries (Increased support)

As expected my continued building has begun to overbalance the structure. I am good with that because the design of the building is becoming more interesting to look at and there are other supporting structures for the building anyway.

This is just a quick update to allow people to see how I resolved the support issue for this lengthy walkway. I needed a way that would further glue the walkway to the central structure as only the diagonal support line going to the end of the walkway was the only thing providing any support. I could see that a full squad of pewter would cause issues so I started designing this structure.

It was originally going to be a single sheet of foamcore but I decided to bulk it out to allow a stronger attachment to the central structure. As soon as I decided to make a double-walled structure I had alignment issues and support issues between the two pieces. My solution is below. It may not be the best but again, I go with what works.

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