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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Launch Bay: Details, details...

Been spending a lot of time sealing up the exposed styrofoam parts of the foam core with card strips. I also decided to add an extended platform to the control building that will be between the launch rail sections. I have shown some of the WIP shots of this walkway as it requires a significant amount of support considering how far it protrudes from the building. There are a few more supports that will be added. The neat part of all of this is work is that the table is now playable.

I have included another set of assembled shots to show the collection so far. It still is not busy enough for my liking and would benefit from having a lot of hoses or piping hanging here and there. These are details that I will have time to add later as I will not be able to prime this beast until the Spring at the earliest. I need a decent outdoor temperatures to prime this project.

I am wanting to shelve this beast for the next while. I need to get back to the Warhound as I have just received notice that another model that I swore I would not buy is now on it's way to me to become part of the the "to be done" pile of large scale model.

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